What I’m..?


To introduce myself, I am a DREAMLESS DREAMER – dreaming without a dream. I am a  thinker of all kinds of stuff, mainly on birth and death which are unanswerable. I like to question everything before I believe. Every time I think about mystery, my mind runs out with only question mark without answers, hmm that time I get disappointed, but I wont stop thinking..!!

  • My Hobbies: Writing songs, thoughts, playing guitar, I am a thinker, painter, photo editor, I watch plenty of movies n bla bla bla… I am really excited to know the facts of what we cannot imagine. What ever I do, it should be crEATive.. 🙂
  • My Interests: Astro Physics, Space Science, Big Bang and everything related to space and to achieve anything to my home town for the welfare of human kind..
  • Beginning Of my lyf: I was born on 28 November 1992, I was mischievous in my childhood days, but now things have made me SILENT – fortunately, I became a song writer. I have created a fantasy world for myself where I see happiness of my life. sometimes, I will be with my past. I will give life to everyTHING in my dream world, talking with them when I feel that I am alone. I love to be alone sometimes. I love things and I respect feelings of everyone and every kind which sometimes hurts.
  • What is lyf according to me: Life is a miracle and a boon, nobody knows why we are here!! and what we are..!! but life is everything in a world of nothing.. life is full of confusion and its a world of question marks.. I am in a pursuit of knowing my life’s purpose and why I am here…
  • My Passion: I love to play guitar tuning for my songs and enjoying the world of musiq..
  • Contact Info :
  1. Gmail :         n.nandeesh007@gmail.com
  2. facebook :   www.facebook.com/Nandeesh007
  3. Google+ :    The Dreamless Dreamer..!!!
  1. ashalatha says:

    the songs r really touchin n its a nice feelin …:)n come up wit more songs:)all the best:)

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